Barashan: from the word barrakān, which indicated a typical dress of the northern Africa and then in Europe switched to meaning simply “fabric”. Barashan is our way to call and interpret the textile as a weave of unexpected stories and a map of woven threads, of influences and discoveries.

This is the name in which resound ancestral memories and endless deeds, because fabric has always been the exchange object among distant cultures, the last destination of boundless and limitless journeys. And Barashan is the new Andrea Scuderis business journey, started in 2006 after a more than twenty-year experience in the family business of the same name.

A trip which is a metaphor of the life itself, a knowledge journey, a sentimental itinerary between stories and memories, a knitting of different places and times that together become  map for new treasures to discover.

A journey in search of the strongest roots of the tradition, the pure Italian style, synonym of creative and constructive quality; a journey that moves from the attention for each detail to dress every curious and busy man, who intensely  lives his present .

Today Barashan reaches a new expression of Italian style and launches a new way of dressing, an item which differs from the classic one, an item which legitimizes the accepted image of the jacket and the suit.

An item that will be able to accompany you in your daily journey, your undeniable baggage with the sartorial cut made in Italy and to put always in your suitcase for any occasions.

Today is born an item with great attention to sartorial details enhanced by an incessant research and attention to customization. Mother-of-pearl buttons, hand-sewn under collar, sartorial stitching, selection of drapery textiles connected to the idea of comfort and of softness, all  rigorously made in Italy.

Woollen or made of cashmere, in natural colours, in blue, grey and forest green.

Today for Barashan you are the jacket, you are your suit, because you choose depending on your identity, you wear it with your style and try its elegance, moderation and comfort.

This is the new mood of the Barashan style traveller man, the curious and busy man who intensely lives his present.

Tradition, authenticity, style, quality, elegance, comfort, are still the key words around which Barashan world turns.


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